Payout of the Games of Bingo

The bingo payout is a correlation of the casino profit and money paid to gamblers for more enjoyable play.

The games of bingo bring their gamblers fun and excitement, and offer them quite huge winning jackpots:

  • Simple bingo halls offer $50-100 jackpot prizes.
  • Big bingo halls jackpots offers can reach even $1 million.

The prizes are usually paid in cash (find out about other payment methods), but some casinos offer one of the following variants:

  • Luxurious trip
  • A car
  • Complimentary supper
  • Special drinks.

How Jackpot Amounts are Determined?

  1. Usually, the amount of the jackpot prize is balanced with the games of bingo casinos incomes. The payout percentage of the game can reach about 50-60% in almost all bingo halls. The most profitable are high wagers in bingo halls.
  2. In some online casinos the winning prize amount defines and establishes according to the state laws and local rules. The payout percentage is counted on the base of the accumulated bets amount of the bingo game.
  3. Some bingo jackpots amounts depend on the number of cards, which were sold to bingo players.

It is necessary to remember that bingo jackpots can be of the different range. If the gambler plays the progressive bingo game, he/she can win very generous payment.

The higher is the wager, the bigger is the payout percentage. Big bingo halls offer prizes starting from $500 000 up to $1 million. The winning jackpot chances in such are game are not high, and it can players weeks or even months to get them, but still the chances to win large amounts of money are quite obvious.

The players should determine themselves the bingo payout percentage. It is necessary to divide the general amount of won money by the game spent money.

Some bingo players believe in good luck, and some are fond of favorite number frequencies, but we advise you to follow main rules and manage your money properly.