What this Policy covers

  1. The policy will provide information about the collecting process of the personal information and the name, addresses, phone and mobile numbers; credit card numbers, fax numbers etc are included with the personal information.
  2. The policy will be applied on the information that the website contains while you are using the services and products of the website.
  3. The policy will not be applied on those websites and companies what are not in-control of this website or company.

Information Gathering and Use


  1. This website will collect information while you will be registering with the casino or using the products and services of this website. This website can combine all the information about you to form a report about you.
  2. While you are registering you have to put your name, address, email id, date of birth, zip code, gender, industry, occupation and personal interest and when you complete the registration all your information will be saved on the database.
  3. Your financial information will be collected from you with the help of our partners.
  4. Your browser, IP addresses, cookies etc will be automatically recorded in our database.
  5. We use the information for customizing the advertisement, fulfilling your request to provide services and products, improving the services, contacting you, conducting researches, and providing un-named reports to our clients.


We do not provide services for the children who have less age than 13 years and we never registered a customer within the age below 13.

Information Disclosure and Sharing

  1. We never sell, rent or share this information to other parties unless you have requested to provide your information to any party or the causes below:
    • We share this information with our trusted partners who will only use the information to improve our service quality and business.
    • We provide this information to the law enforcement agency after we have the court order or other legal notice.
    • If we believe that this information will help us to prevent and investigate about illegal activities or suspected fraud or having threat then we can share the information with other parties.
    • If this website is sold to other party then we will transfer all the information about our users to that party and before doing this we will inform you first.
    • We offer advertisement based on the personal information, so we will assume that people who click on the ads are the targeted people.
    • We never provide personal information to our advertisers and if you visit those ads then that will be your own responsibility.
    • We offer different types of business like the travel service, stores and casinos.


  1. We can access and set the cookies on the computer of yours.
  2. Other companies who provides on ads on this website can also access the cookies of the computer of yours and their cookies will work with their own terms and conditions with own privacy policy.
  3. We use web-beacons for accessing the cookies of our network and those cookies can be connected with our services and products.

How a user can edit or delete their personal information

  1. The users have the authority to change or delete any of their personal information any time they want.
  2. Users can use the new services of the website or they can unsubscribe from any new features that they do not want to participate.

Confidentiality and Security

We use the most updated security system to produce highest security for the information of our users and these security systems will protect the privacy of the personal information of our users.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy can be changed according to the latest requirements and the changes can be found on the front page of the website and also in the privacy policy sections of the website.