Casino Gambling Bonus Data

The generous online casinos bonuses always encourage and attract new players and keep regular ones. Each casino bonus has its conditions and benefits, and choosing the online casino gamblers should find out this information. We've made a try to explain you the most popular casino bonuses.

Casino Gambling Bonus Types Explained

  • Welcome Bonus (Sign Up Bonus). Is the best known and the most popular bonus type. The bonus average amount is about $100 (be attentive while choosing the online casino offering very huge welcome bonus). It becomes available, when the gambler opens the real account and makes the 1st purchase. This bonus types is divided into two subtypes:
    1. Percentage Bonuses. They are varied according to the deposit amount. Usually they total from 50% to 500%.
    2. Match Bonus (Fixed Bonus) the 100% offered bonus, its other name is Even Money Bonus. It means that you get the same sum you've deposited on the playing account.
  • Reload Bonus. It is a system letting the player to reload his/her account and continue gambling.
  • No Deposit Bonuses. The gamblers are not required to deposit any money at all. The money is just added to player's gambling account. The bonuses are offered for attraction of new players. They are about $10-gift to start play with. Nowadays they are offered to test their casino games.
  • Preferred Deposit Bonuses. They are offered for players, who use favored casino payment methods. They usually constitute from 5% to 15%.
  • Loyalty Bonuses. They are suggested to the regular gamblers with some playing levels. The higher is your status, the larger bonus percentages will be.
  • High Roller Bonuses. They are the privileges for large deposit players (starting from $ 1000). The bonus percentage depends on the deposit amount.
  • Recurrent Bonuses are offered to regular players each week, month or weekend, according to the gambling experience on the particular casino site.
  • Happy Hour Bonus - awards offered during randomly chosen hours to players, who are gambling at the site.
  • Special Bonus is usually a birthday bonus, or you may be offered anything else.

Remember, before starting the game read attentively the Terms and Conditions and small print information. You should find out:

  1. The casino bonus validity period.
  2. When you can withdraw your money.
  3. What games are allowed or not allowed to play with the aim to find out whether your winning money is valid.