Banking Payment Methods

In 2006, the new gambling code appeared. While this new law is great for online security and customer's protection, the casinos needed some serious time to adapt themselves with those rules. Banks are prohibited to process gambling related transactions, therefore some alternative payment methods appeared. Paypal is maybe one of the best, but other services of this kind are also attracting customers with smaller commission and faster processing time.

Of course, before using those methods, you will need to download and install the casino software. Check the real account section, read the terms and conditions and see if the accepted payment methods are suited for you. A website having one or two payment methods can't be trusted. Here are the principal payment methods that can be found almost on every established casino:

Credit cards

Although they are considered the fastest payment methods, customers do not trust credit and debit cards. Indeed, trusting your bank details for a no-name casino might not be such a good idea, but the security measures taken by the best casinos will surely guarantee you total online safety while using your card.


Neteller is a preferred method for casino players. In fact, 70 % of the Neteller network is casino gamblers. The smart marketing campaign and the facilities offered for casino players allowed this unusual but reliable virtual bank to grow, and it is rumored that Paypal is preparing a huge offer to buy this small company. In the Neteller network, any transaction is possible, from direct transfer to value-date payments and conditional payments.

Wire transfer

This method also implies a bank account. Although it is maybe the safest payment method, a transfer might last for a few days. The online casino players are convinced about the reliability of other methods; therefore, they are using this method only if they are left with no other method.


Moneybookers is by far the virtual bank with the fastest growing in the latest years. The small commissions, the rapidity of payments, and the increased security transformed this virtual bank in the most reliable online payment instruments.


Last but not least, Paypal is still the biggest online bank. Although the competition is coming strong, time will pass before other bank would be considered the best online payment method. Although the commissions are not so small and for some transactions, waiting time is required, the oldest customers remained faithful with this method.